Silsburg, situated along the Herentalsebaan in Deurne, will contain 116 serviced residences and a service center. Work started in January 2011 and will be completed in June 2012. On the left of the site a four storey high volume will be built adjacent to house number 547. On the other side a second volume, containing the service center and service flats, will be built detached from house number 605. The height of this second varies between three and five storeys at the street up to to six storeys at the back. The services (including cafeteria, hair salon and wellness) will make the courtyard accessible to the neighborhood. Below this second volume an underground garage with 38 parking spaces will be constucted.
tenantZorgbedrijf Antwerpen
locationHerentalsebaan, Deurne
area10,500 mē
purposeService center and service flats
architectsBladt & Verstraeten
usersZorgbedrijf Antwerpen / OCMW Antwerpen
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